Quality 1911 Takedown Tools


The 1911 design has been in use for over a century and the modern-day 1911 typically includes innovations that were once only attainable from custom gunsmiths.
Everything from flared ejection ports, high hand beaver tail grip safeties, match grade bushing and bull barrel designs etc.

While the 1911 itself may have kept up with modern times, disassembly methods and tools not so much.

In many cases disassemble and reassemble has become more difficult with the making of very popular 3 inch bull barrel designs.
This is largely due to the double recoil spring assemblies having greater overall spring tension to compensate for less barrel and slide weight to absorb recoil.

While many find factory recommend disassembly methods and tools adequate, many others find them woefully inadequate.

That's where my uncle decided some innovation was needed.

Is it just gadgetry or something that fills a real need for the modern-day 1911?

Safety and Shooting Proficiency.

At the heart of owning any firearm, safety and shooting skill are mission critical.
Cleaning and maintaining a 1911 is a big part of both.
Those that love the venerable 1911 come from every walk of life, gender and age group.
Many have no problem with disassemble and reassemble, others struggle, and the reasons I have heard are many.

Small hands, weak hands, large hands, arthritis, disability, not mechanically inclined and sundry age related issues to list a few.
None of the above may affect the ability to safely and skillfully use a 1911 unless it hinders maintaining the firearm.

I have had customers confide in me that until they purchased one of our tools they rarely fired or cleaned their 1911 and others who simply stored their 1911 in the gun safe were it remained in disuse for years.
I believe anything that simplifies a disassemble and reassemble task for someone allows them to focus more readily on safety and shooting skills.

The examples above are rather extreme, I have no issues with disassemble and reassemble of any 1911.
But in the same token I can change my car's oil filter with my bare hands, yet my prefered method is to use a filter wrench.
The same is true when I disassemble and reassemble a 1911, I prefer to use one of our tools because it simplifies the process.

This innovation brings other benefits as well....

Maintaining the value of a 1911

The price tag of a low-end 1911 can take a bite out of the pocket-book and higher end makes are to dream for.
Even a low-end 1911 strictly finished with utility in mind can show craftsmanship and beauty like no other firearm.
With use the 1911, as with any firearm, will get its share of wear and tear.

However with the 1911 one of the most infamous of scratches is the well-known idiot scratch that can occur during replacement of the slide stop. One slip can lead to an unsightly scratch on frame, slide or both and instantly devalue a 1911's resale appeal.

While no one can truthfully claim you will never get an idiot scratch...
Our tools free both hands for working on the firearm during disassemble and reassemble and where possible provides perfect alignment of slide stop and take down notch.

Features that give anyone from the first time 1911 owner to the avid 1911 collector an edge at maintaining the beauty and resale value of their 1911.

Taking it a step further, a companion tool called the Slide Stop Horn is available.
A tool designed specially for inserting the slide stop to further lessen incidental scratching.
For many makes and models this tool is only practical because of my uncle's tool innovation which relieves all spring pressure freeing both hands for inserting the slide stop with the Slide Stop Horn tool.

Tool innovations that are practical, beneficial solutions.
In simple terms, American Innovation...