Our newest solution for the Kimber Pro and Compact models, introduced December, 2012

Provides Perfect Mode alignment of slide stop and takedown notch.

This tool functions on any Kimber which includes the word 'Pro' or 'Compact' in the model name.
(Kimber stamps the model name on the right hand side of their slides.)

March, 2014
This tool has had a change prompted by a Kimber manufacturing change we became aware of.

Kimber began manufacturing some of their guide rods with a very smooth machine finish.
The machine finish on these guide rods was incapable of providing enough hold for the tool as previously designed using brass only brake pads.

Current design utilizes 12 surface treated stainless steel brake pads that grip the guide rod capturing recoil spring pressure.
Part Number for the original brass only version was KPT-2012 and is now KPT-2012s

This tool has moving parts which requires occasional light oiling and  kept free from grit as one would keep ammo grit free

Comes in a plastic tube for storage and a 30 caliber Swab-Its bore brush inserted in barrel of tool to absorb excess oil..

This tool is highly specific to the Kimber Pro and Compact 1911 pistols and should not be purchased for use on other makes.