Our newest solution for the Kimber Ultra models, introduced June, 2012

Provides Perfect Mode alignment of slide stop and takedown notch.
This tool functions identically on any Kimber with 'Ultra' in the model name.*

Our easiest tool for the Kimber Ultra models.

The 2012 tool family for the 3" class 1911 is unique in the following ways

The KU-2012 is a shorter version of it's parent tool the MT-2012 (Multi-Tool) found listed under Springfield Armory / EMP and Micro Compact menu.

The FAQ KU-459 vs KU-2012 video gives detailed information about the KU-2012 and how it differs in operation and functionality to KU-459 tool.

The KU-2012 retains the ability to work as an Effortless mode tool on the Colt Defender and New Agent models.

It can be used on the Sprinfield EMP and Micro Compact models as a Factory Mode tool, being much easier to insert and remove than the factory supplied plastic tool.

*See Specs tab for specific model listings.
(Kimber stamps the model name on the right hand side of their slides.)