Dubbed the Multi-Tool

Provides Perfect Mode alignment of slide stop and takedown notch on the Springfield EMP and Micro Compact models.

This tool's design got it's start as a solution for the Springfield models being incapable of accepting a tool long enough to align the take down notch and slide stop.

The design worked so well that we looked into it's potential on other makes and found the tool could be sized in such a manner that it would provide an Effortless mode solution for other major makes as well a being a Perfect mode tool on the Springfield models.

For those accomplished with tear down, this tool allows one tool to be used on multiple makes.Click the Specs tab for application and performance information.

The 2012 family of tools for the 3" class 1911 are unique in the following ways

Introduced January 2012 to the 1911UltraTool line.