Springfield 4 Inch Bull Barrel Tool

Provides Perfect Mode alignment of slide stop and takedown notch on the Springfield 4 Inch Bull Barrel models.

Due to the design of the guide rod assembly, space is limited for inserting and removing a takedown tool.
The SA-4BB design with it's wire handle and magnet, allows inserting and removing of the takedown tool very simple even on the Champion versions which have a light rail incorporated into the frame.
Whenever the slide is in the lock back position, a magnet holds the tool securely in place on the guide rod.
Because the tool does not rely on mechanical holding such as the factory straw tool which clips in place, the tool could easily be made long enough to align the take down notch and slide stop.

This is our first tool to be offered in an Economy Delrin plastic version.
The Delrin version is a no frills lower cost functional tool.

The parkerized finishing on the guide rod and spring plug of some models, resulted in an un-plated brass tool being less desireable.
Brass is a very soft metal and the parkerizing surface is rougher than traditional blueing or stainless steel.
It was found that the parkerizing could pick up brass from an un-plated tool leaving some marks on the contact surfaces.
While these marks could simply be rubbed off using a rag and a little gun oil, it was decided that providing a tool made from Delrin at a lower cost would be more suited.

The Nickel Plated version is of the highest quality we can offer and in every way handles, feels and performs like a professional quality made tool should.
Each tool is individually electro plated with a hard nickel very close to the appearance and durability of chrome.
The wire handle on this tool gets a little extra treatment with a poly coating near the end that makes grasping the handle a little more sure.

Both tools come with a storage tube which has bright red square anti-roll caps that aid in preventing the storage tube from rolling off a work bench or table.
The bright red caps standout, making it easier to spot on a work bench or in a range bag.
Wire handles are made from stainless steel spring wire to hold their shape and resist rusting.

Note: Springfield model names and numbers can be confusing at times..
Please view the "Specs" tab for specific Springfield models this tool fits.

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