Slide Stop Compare
Useful tool on all 1911 slide stops except the extended types.

The 1911 Slide Stop Horn eases the insertion of the 1911 slide stop, decreasing the potential of scratching the pistol in the process.

CNC machined from solid brass stock and powder coated with colors designed to stand out against the pistol finish.
The Slide Stop Horn, is most useful when used in conjunction with one of our Perfect or Effortless mode tools.

When being used on a 1911 that cannot use one of our tools, this tool can be used to break-in the plunger before inserting the slide stop for the first time.
To accomplish this,  disassemble the 1911 and place some oil on the plunger were it protudes from the tube.
Reinsert the slide stop pin into the frame with the slide and barrel removed.

(For the inexperianced, it never hurts to add a little tape around the areas that possible scratching could occur.)

Simply use the Slide Stop Horn as if you were actually inserting the slide stop into an assembled pistol, repeating this process multiple times keeping the plunger lubed with oil. 

Reinserting the Slide Stop on a new 1911 can be one of the most frustrating and appearance damaging operations performed during the field strip process.

This is largely due to the slide stop plunger not being broken in.
Until the plunger and tube have properly seated, more force is required to get the plunger to move back into the plunger tube..

During the normal fire cycle the slide-stop plunger never moves more than a few thousandths of an inch and even this only occurs when the magazine is empty and the slide is locked back after last round has fired.

Break-in of the plunger and tube only occurs as the slide stop is removed and replaced.
Most idiot scratchs occur during this break in period which can often take dozens of field strips to accomplish.