STI 5" Bull Barrel Light Recoil Master Tool

This tool provides Effortless Mode alignment of slide stop and takedown notch.

Due to the design of the 5 inch bull barrel models; a tool must be made long enough to hold the outer spring plug far enough back to provide clearance to disengage from the slide.

The STI-RM5L tool design is specific to the STI Light Recoil Master.

Whenever the slide is in the locked back position, a magnet in the slot of the tool holds the tool securely in place.
It features a new innovation in the form of a stainless steel wire handle that allows the tool to be very easily inserted and removed on full frame STI models such as the 2011 tactical.

The tool comes with it's own plastic storage tube with square red end caps that aids in spotting the tool and the square end caps help keep the stored tool from rolling.